Quick Tips:

I was skeptical anything technical could be this easy

But it really is easy to use. Upload the photos, create the descriptions and poof you have a virtual tour! What an advantage.

Eric West - Hayden Outdoors Cabelas Properties - Colorado Springs CO

It saves me time and makes changes easy.

I love using ListingsMagic.com. It is so easy to use that I can complete an entire virtual tour in a matter of minutes. It is also very simple to make any changes that come along without having to re-create the entire tour. The effect is a very professional look that our sellers appreciate.

Emily Hager - Executive Assistant to the Burnett Team - Keller Williams

It Works!

My assistant loves the fact that she can grab the photos, post the property AND create a flyer for me in a mere minutes. What a time saver and client pleaser!

Marvin Newton - Coldwell Banker
Englewood CO

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Created by Real Estate Professionals for Real Estate professionals

ListingsMagic.com was created by Real Estate professionals for Real Estate professionals, because just like you, we were seeing barriers to using the Internet to generate buyer leads and seller satisfaction. Scheduling photographers for virtual tours, getting the tours posted and worrying about how they would work and their quality (not to mention the high the cost associated with them) was impacting how we did business.

Finding the balance between the rising cost of marketing a listing, the time invested in creating marketing materials and the commission that a listing would yield was influencing how we marketed properties.

So we began to look for a way to take back control of our business while offering every client a comprehensive marketing strategy that would function at a high level while saving money. The end goal of any solution we created was to improve on customer satisfaction.

That's why our comprehensive Listing System was created to thrill you and your customers. With it's state of the art web based application software ListingsMagic.com puts you in the position to offer more to clients for less money. The tours also offer you more in the form of a easy to use interface that encourages "home searchers" to explore your property on-line, view the property's location on a branded single property and visit your website when they close the tour.

Simply put we designed these tours to work for your buyer's, sellers and you. We know how your business works because we are in your business. We know you work to create value for your customers while you work to preserve your operating margins. With ListingsMagic.com, if you take the photos, and post them, we'll do the rest and put back in control.

Management Team:

Hans Guth: Co-Founder, President

Hans Guth was a successful Realtor in the state of Colorado before co-founding ListingsMagic. 

Hans's previous company, Full Circle Labs, was one the first virtual tour companies to partner with Realtor.com in 2000. A Graduate of Georgia Tech in Computer Engineering, Hans continues to work as a Technology Coach for Real Estate professionals who want to successfully market themselves and their listings utilizing the latest emerging technologies.  Prior to owning his own businesses in the real estate industry, Hans was a successful sales and marketing executive with Qwest Communications, Wyse Technology and Data Transit International.  It is his vision to continue to create compelling technology products that are easy to use, affordable and have a significant impact on a realtor’s bottom line. 

“The real estate industry like most - or even more than most - industries has been completely revolutionized by the Internet.  It was a short ten years ago when I purchased my last house and at that point no one was using the Internet to find a home. Today over 80% of the home buyers begin their search utilizing the Interne. It is my belief that if you aren’t embracing technology to grow your business you may be heading the way of the dinosaurs.”