Quick Tips:

Memory is Cheap … and Erasable

This rule is based on what all good photographers know … it takes a lot of pictures to get the right one.

In this day of digital cameras the excuse of running out of film is gone, so take a LOT of pictures.

Try different framings of the same room. Hold the camera up high without looking through it. Hold the camera down low without looking through it. Take a picture of the same room from all four corners.

If you take a LOT of pictures you really improve your chances of success. And it goes with out saying … make sure to save your photos into a “property folder” before you erase.

Open the Shades,
Turn on the Lights and
Turn on
the Flash

It’s Critical that every listing look light, clean and appealing to potential buyers. 

Its not always easy but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances ... if there are blinds down and lights out NO Flash will do your listing justice.

Spend a moment and assess if you can let the light in and then snap away. It is the ONE RULE that every pro follows.

Organize Your Thoughts

If you have a library of great descriptions already written label them for easy identification (Town Home, Split Level, Horse property, etc.) and keep them in one folder. This can really save you time with minor adjustments and customization performed on them in the tour building window once you have pasted them there.

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Automated Listing Flyer

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With ListingsMagic's
Automated Flyer Studio
you'll create professional
looking Property Flyers in
just seconds.

How much time does it take
to create a Property Flyer?

Do you lay them out in a publishing program?
Copy and paste your property description, address,
MLS I.D., pricing, property data?

Then do you have to place your photographs,
choose your colors ...

all while your list of other things to do
gets longer and longer?

Automated Brochure Studio

Reduce the time
and cost associated
with creating and
delivering a good
looking Property
Flyer to your client.

ListingsMagic's Automated Property Flyer Studio is pre-populated with all of your professional information (Photo, Logo, Contact Info), the property’s information (MLS I.D., Property Data, Address, Pricing, Description) and all of the photos you uploaded.

Simply choose the background photo you want from our gallery of photo theme backgrounds, a page border color, the property photos you want and the order you’d like them to appear in, a font style and size and the click to save these options. In Minutes you have created a property flyer that can be e-mailed as an attachment or saved
as a PDF for printing.

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Listing Tool Suite $ Per Month
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Property Flyer Broadcasting

In order to send a property flyer broadcast you need to sign up for the complete Marketing System. Remember, this is a e-mail from you, so replies will come to you. Its reach is as broad as you want it to be. Send to just your zip code or your entire states zip codes. Just make sure your e-mail is adding value to your professional peer's day to day life.

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Broadcast Pricing List

Price Based on Number of Zip Codes Chosen

A Comprehensive Way to Automate
All Your Property Marketing Tasks

What used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes.