Quick Tips:

Minimize the Angles and the Eliminate the Clutter

Often time we shoot around the eyesores or the clutter.  These can lead to interesting compositions or framings.  It is far better to take the time to move the magazines, straighten the bath or load a dishwasher.  If it really is that bad then perhaps your clients really do need to reschedule.

Open the Shades,
Turn on the Lights and
Turn on
the Flash

It’s Critical that every listing look light, clean and appealing to potential buyers. 

Its not always easy but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances ... if there are blinds down and lights out NO Flash will do your listing justice.

Spend a moment and assess if you can let the light in and then snap away. It is the ONE RULE that every pro follows.

Your Photo Size Doesn’t Matter!

You can upload up to 35 photos of any size into every one of your Listing Tours. Our Fast Upload technology allows you to navigate to a folder on your computer or even to load directly off of your camera. Select one or 35 and your done FAST!

No more “onesy twosey” photo uploads, multiple select what you want by checking them off and ListingsMagic will re-size all of your photos on the fly getting done in seconds what used to take hours.  Now all that’s left is adding the property descriptions and your tour will be ready to post.
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A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place.

Get in the habit of building a folder structure for every listing you have.  Name the folder by the listing address, then create folders for contracts and agreements, property descriptions and one for photos.  When its time to build your tours and flyers you will have everything within reach.

Organize Your Thoughts

If you have a library of great descriptions already written label them for easy identification (Town Home, Split Level, Horse property, etc.) and keep them in one folder. This can really save you time with minor adjustments and customization performed on them in the tour building window once you have pasted them there.
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Video and Internet technologies are powerful and a huge advantage if you know how to use them.
We do.

We will never drive your Buyer prospect away.

With ListingsMagic’s Video Tour Creation Tool and our video hostingon your Single Property Website you will be able to personally present the information a home buyer is searching for.

Video Creator Panel


Having a video tour
of your listing doesn't have to be complicated
or costly.

Making a
your listing photographs
is automatic.

Our Listing System lets you use your Virtual Tour photos to create a video of your listing in just four steps.

• Drag photos to the right column
• Drag them into order
• Add your e-mail address
• Click on make movie

In a short period of time
we'll e-mail you a link to your finished movie.

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Video Sharing Site URL

Link Your Property Video

Now post your
Video Tour
to a "Sharing Site" like YouTube,
and brand it
within your single property website.

Go to a Site Like Youtube.com, myspace.com or
vimeo.com and post your video.

Now copy the link from the hosts "imbed video"
panel and place it in our "Video URL" panel.

"Its that simple".

Now viewers will be able to see your video and all of the important property information and links with out leaving your presence. If they want to get back to viewing photos, virtual tours or better yet want to get in contact with you they’ll only be one click away.
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Get Our Complete Marketing System Working For You For One Low Price.
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Listing Tool Suite $ Per Month
Free Test Drive of ListingsMagic Tour

A Comprehensive Way to Automate
All Your Property Marketing Tasks

What used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes.