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  • Virtual Tour/Single Property Sites

    Elegant, customizable and professional - wow both your sellers and potential buyers. Every property gets both a virtual tour and single property site. Check out our new Elegant Site. Your sellers will love them.
  • Listing Syndication and Exposure

    Sellers expect to see their listings on the major real estate portals as well as social media sites. With our proprietary tools and technologies we make it fast and easy. In addition, we have some incredibly effective lead generating tools to help you leverage your listings.
  • Rider Signs

    These green friendly signs are great lead generators. Giving buyers instant access to property information on their mobile devices, you will also receive the buyers contact information. An instant and hot lead to follow up with.
  • Live Chat in Tour

    This tool is the greatest lead generator for potential buyers on the internet. Every property will have embedded property chat allowing you to begin conversations with those buyers.
  • Property Valuation Websites

    Need to generate more Listing leads? ListingsMagic has just the solution. Property Valuation Websites are a simple to set up lead generator for you. With no extra effort you give sellers the opportunity to receive a free Market Evaluation.
  • Professional Brochures

    Not just a printed flyer, these are customized professional brochures guaranteed to impress your pickiest sellers. Print ready you can send these to your printer or print them yourself.
  • Video Tours Posted to Youtube

    Video is everywhere on the Internet these days. Now every one of your listings will get a customized property video tour that will get automatically uploaded to your youtube channel.
  • Automated Craigslist Posting

    No copy and paste here like other companies require. Our solution is 100% automated, easy and takes no time at all giving your property extra exposure on one of the most popular websites there is.
  • Express Vids - Video Emails

    NEW Feature - stay top of mind with your buyers and sellers utilizing the power of video emails. Easily make a video from any device and send to your contact list to connect in ways that traditional marketing can not achieve.
  • Google My Business Posting

    Google is getting more and more focused on delivering the right content to the right audience. ListingsMagic is one of the only companies to be partners with their Google My Business Platform. ListingsMagic can now automatically post properties, articles, events and content directly to your Google My Business pages.
  • 100% No Touch Full Automation

    Once you set up your marketing preferences, we do the rest. We know that your time is valuable. To that end we have everything set to build all of the marketing materials for your listings automatically. Virtual Tour, Single Property Website, Syndication, Brochure, Video, Seller Reports and more - all done for you with no extra effort on your part.

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About Us

Created by Real Estate Professionals, for Real Estate professionals.

  • Agents and Brokers face a challenge in today's complex technology world. Technology has radically changed the real estate industry. Buyers and sellers are almost exclusively utilizing the internet and technology for their home buying and selling needs. Agents and brokers have tremendous pressure to meet the expectations of this technology savvy client. Doing so alone is a monumental task.
  • This is where ListingsMagic comes in. ListingsMagic is the industry's most comprehensive marketing tool set. With our proprietary automation engine, agents can simply put their property into the MLS and the ListingsMagic marketing system will build all the marketing for the listing 100% automatically. No other system in the industry is as comprehensive or complete. Give it a free 7 day test drive to see for yourself how easy it is.

The first step in the process is to set up your Free Account. Give ListingsMagic a Free Test Drive for 7 days. No Credit Card Required.