Quick Tips:

Don’t spend money on a competition you can’t win

More effective than Google Adwords, Overture or Search Engine Optimization.

Our Buyer Lead Generating System will save you thousands of dollars by getting you out of a a competition with big spenders. The key to increasing your website traffic with qualified buyers is in leveraging your listing tours or “Internet yard Signs” on all the major real estate search websites.

Cover the Internet in a single “free”* click.

Every one of your listings is a buyer lead generating tool capable of driving your business to the next level.

That’s because we offer you the ability to have your listings cover the Internet in a single click.  With the exception of Realtor.com(*$21.95 per tour per tour posting for agents without Relator.com Enhanced Listing Status) We will have you spending less time and money for way more coverage, the coverage your listings demands.
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Build a Listing Tour during
a Listing Presentation

If a potential client has internet access at a listing presentation log-in and demonstrate a tour or better yet build their tour right on the spot.

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Phone In Hand

Our Virtual Tours function just like
an open house - capable of generating buyer interest, leads and viewing stats.

If you have a "interested seller" page them the moment someone opens their tour.

If on the other hand they're like most clients, our weekly or monthly reports will probably do. Either way you have the control, the choice and the data to show them the interest their listing is generating - potentially assisting you with any price adjustment and property staging discussions.

You wouldn't hold an open house without a sign in sheet would you?
The same rules apply to our Virtual Tours. Listingsmagic keeps track, of whether someone is viewing your listing from Realtor.com or from your local MLS. Then all property tour viewing stats are compiled and can be sent to you and your seller on a moment by moment, weekly or monthly basis. Your choice.

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Listing Tool Suite $ Per Month
Free Test Drive of ListingsMagic Tour
We guarantee* that our Virtual Tours will redirect
buyers off of Real Estate search sites to your website.

* Based on our Tour Closing Redirect technology that introduces buyers to your local expertise when they close the virtual tour. Best results come when these potential buyer leads are redirected to a local IDX search capability. Tours average at least 50 Unique visitors when the Virtual Tour is posted in a Major Metro Area, to ALL Property hosting sites ListingsMagic.com offers posting services to - INCLUDING Realtor.com.
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