Quick Tips:

Memory is Cheap … and Erasable

This rule is based on what all good photographers know … it takes a lot of pictures to get the right one.

In this day of digital cameras the excuse of running out of film is gone, so take a LOT of pictures.

Try different framings of the same room. Hold the camera up high without looking through it. Hold the camera down low without looking through it. Take a picture of the same room from all four corners.

If you take a LOT of pictures you really improve your chances of success. And it goes with out saying … make sure to save your photos into a “property folder” before you erase.

Open the Shades,
Turn on the Lights and
Turn on
the Flash

It’s Critical that every listing look light, clean and appealing to potential buyers. 

Its not always easy, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances ... if there are blinds down and lights out NO Flash will do your listing justice.

Spend a moment and assess if you can let the light in and then snap away. It is the ONE RULE that every pro follows.

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With Our complete
Listing System
Branding Your
Map Views,
Satellite Views
or Video Links
Free and Easy.

How often have you clicked on a Listing Tour's Map-it button only to be driven away from the property and information you were viewing?



When was the last time you clicked
on a satellite link and landed
on Google Earth or clicked on
a video link and found yourself in unfamiliar territory like YouTube?

While these technologies are powerful, they are not a huge advantage to you unless you work with someone who knows how to use them correctly.

With ListingsMagic’s Listing Tours searchers will always be there in your stand alone property website where you will be able to personally present the information they are seeking.

Find Out More.

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If You have
a video posted
(or you created one for free
with our Video Creator)
Find Out More
to a huge sharing site
like YouTube, we
can brand it for you.

Viewers will be able to see your video and all of the important property information and links with out leaving your presence. If they want to get back to viewing photos, virtual tours or better yet want to get in contact with you they’ll only be one click away.

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