Quick Tips:

Cover the Internet in a single “free”* click.

Every one of your listings is a buyer lead generating tool capable of driving your business to the next level.

That’s because we offer you the ability to have your listings cover the Internet in a single click.  With the exception of Realtor.com
(*$21.95 per tour per tour posting for agents without Relator.com Enhanced Listing Status) We will have you spending less time and money for way more coverage, the coverage your listings demands.
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Build a Listing Tour at a Listing Presentation

If a potential client has internet access at a listing presentation log-in and demonstrate a tour or better yet build their tour right on the spot.

Purchase the Property’s Address.

This is a great way to impress your seller by giving them a website with their property's address. The URL and Hosting for a year only cost $24.95
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Don't Ask for Information
Too Soon

Let Internet searchers USE YOUR TOOLS for a little while. Set the bar at five searched properties and then ask them if you can "Save The Search" as a courtesy to them.

You'll find yourself with a larger conversion rate since the buyer has already invested time and doesn't want to loose their efforts.


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With Our complete
Listing System
Branding Your
Map Views,
Satellite Views
or Video Links
Free and Easy.

How often have you clicked on a Listing Tour's Map-it button only to be driven away to another website and away from the information you were viewing?



How often have you clicked
on a satellite link and landed
on Google Earth or clicked on
a video link and found yourself in an unfamiliar territory like YouTube?

While these technologies are powerful, they are not a huge advantage to you unless you work with someone who knows how to use them correctly.

With ListingsMagic’s Listing Tours you will always be there in your stand alone property website able to personally present the information your searcher is seeking with out.

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If You have
a Video Posted
(or created one for free
with our Video Creator) Find Out More

to a Huge Sharing Site
Like YouTube, We
Can Brand it For You.

Viewers will be able to see your video and all of the important property information and links with out leaving your presence. If they want to get back to viewing photos, virtual tours or better yet want to get in contact with you they’ll only be one click away.
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Listing Tool Suite $ Per Month
Free Test Drive of ListingsMagic Tour

A Comprehensive Way to Automate
All Your Property Marketing Tasks

What used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes.