Quick Tips:

Use Your digital camera to build your business.

Today’s digital cameras can offer you big returns on a small investment. The reliability, image quality and resolutions get better and better making it even easier for you to take professional Quality photographs of all of your listings.

No more
waiting for photographers

No more rescheduling with clients

No more
$100+ bills for virtual tours

No more
special software for stitching distorted 360-degree photos

No more
seller complaints about not enough photos being on the web

A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place.

Get in the habit of building a folder structure for every listing you have.  Name the folder by the listing address, then create folders for contracts and agreements, property descriptions and one for photos.  When its time to build your tours and flyers you will have everything within reach.

Minimize the Angles and the Eliminate the Clutter.

Often time we shoot around the eyesores or the clutter.  These can lead to interesting compositions or framings.  It is far better to take the time to move the magazines, straighten the bath or load a dishwasher.  If it really is that bad then perhaps your clients really do need to reschedule.

Organize Your Thoughts

If you have a library of great descriptions already written label them for easy identification (Town Home, Split Level, Horse property, etc.) and keep them in one folder. This can really save you time with minor adjustments and customization performed on them in the tour building window once you have pasted them there.



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"at" symbo

If you didn't check your
e-mail would you have
a hard time knowing
how to plan your day?

Now you can utilize your virtual tours to capture buyer leads via your e-mail and respond in an instant.

ListingsMagic tours offer Interested Buyers the ability to contact you directly from your Listing Tour.  No separate application is required.  If you have your computer on you will see messages in a instant. If you have a phone on with text messaging enabled you’ll receive a buyer’s inquiry text message or e-mail query in seconds.

Wow Sellers With Your Accessibility. Page or Email yourself directly from a Virtual Tour and demonstrate the power of our technology.

Use our text messaging feature in your next listing presentation.

Open a tour and respond to an e-mail message in seconds ... not hours or days. 

The average Internet Real Estate inquiry is responded to
in “4 Days” … really.  That stands in stark comparison to
the instant answers that we expect from our Internet searches. Utilizing ListingsMagic.com you’ll be responding to
Interested Buyers while they are still looking at your tour.

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What's in the future?

Posting Your Virtual Tours, Property Pictures and Videos to the Internet will allow buyer prospects to view them on emerging
Internet enabled mobile devices.


Web enabled mobile devices are becoming more and more multi-functional and more and more a part of how we conduct business.  Most of us have a phone that can send and receive text messages and a increasing number of us have can e-mail, receive photos and surf the Internet.

In the very near future ListingsMagic will be sending your photos to cell phones and it won't be long before your prospects will be watching your virtual tour on the mobile devices as well.

Be one of the first to leverage this emerging opportunity by subscribing to ListingsMagic.com products today.
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